(To my granddaughter Hanouf)

I centered the coin on my left palm
And blew on it
Then put on top my other palm
And said to her : "Say bakhbookh !"
She said: "Bah booh"
I opened my hands
Where is the coin? ..Where?..
It vanished in a wink..
She laughed .. and her astonishment gleamed in her eyes
She was – may God protect her – less than two years old.
And our blown coin vanished
She went to bring her big doll,
with the velvet dress..
She put it in my hands and said : "Bah booh"
I said manuvering in a hoarse voice :
" This doll is too beautiful to be made disappear,
O soul of my soul !"

* Bakhbookh is a word used in some Arab countries in a make-believe game of making things vanish, like abracadabra


Shihab Mogral said...

Good One

Qasim said...

Assalamu Alaikkum Doctor,
Here is the Photo link of Vaikom Mohamed Basheer Birth Centinary Celebratitons..
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വീട് വിട്ടുപോയ ഫൈസല്‍ said...

Dear sir,
Bakhbookh reveals the mask of pretension and it unveils the innocence of our childhood. The poem mocks at the face of the world and thoughts of grown ones.
Thanks for your innocent poetic radiation.

basheer said...

السلام عليكم دكتور ,جزاك الله خيرا لهذه الخدمة الفضيلة للغة العربية ,سمعتك كثيرا من مجالس الثقافية و العلمية .و راغب الى قراءتك...انعمك الله بنعمته...السلام عليكم

Anonymous said...

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